PixelatedVision is the creative space of Kevin Dean, a place to exhibit some of the projects and experiments I've been working on lately.

These projects are my instruments for exploring a number of today's cutting-edge technologies as well as the increasingly blurry boundary between the physical and digital worlds. It is my desire to test the limit of the kinds of experiences these technologies can offer us, to continue to help blur that boundary between us and our creations. They also provide an avenue for me to express my interests and aesthetics with regard to concepts such as light, sound, cinematography, kinesis, and generative systems.

You can get in touch with me at kevin[at]pixelatedvision.com or @kevdean. I'd love to hear your comments, field questions, discuss ideas, or look for ways to collaborate!

  1. Kinetic Light Sculpture #1

  2. Blue Marble

  3. Chicago

  4. One Clock

  5. Lexon e8 Watchband