Lexon e8 Watchband

3D printing has fascinated me ever since I first learned about it, and I was excited to get the chance to model and print something for the first time after I received my Formlabs Form 1 stereolithography printer in 2013. Since one of the rubber straps for my Lexon e8 watch had developed a deep crack, I had a great opportunity to try my hand at creating a highly precise CAD model of a curved object, iteratively test the fit of prototypes by printing them at home, and then send the final design off to Shapeways for printing in their black Strong & Flexible Plastic.

Disappointingly the final product turned out to be unusable, as the Strong & Flexible Plastic just isn't flexible enough for a watch strap. While printable rubber-like materials do exist, they are still uncommon and thus expensive.

Implementation Details

Modeled in Rhino 3D.

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